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Deputy Commissioners Section

NCIC Deputy Commissioners

Mission Statement

The Deputy Commissioners, Special Deputy Commissioners, and Legal Assistants of the North Carolina Industrial Commission endeavor to fairly, impartially, and efficiently adjudicate contested claims by careful application of the law; by adherence to rules and procedures; by encouraging settlement wherever possible; and by providing timely and excellent customer service to all parties.

Who We Are

Deputy Commissioners expeditiously resolve all controversies between injured workers, employers, carriers, providers, various citizens of the State of North Carolina, and the State of North Carolina that arise under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act and the North Carolina State Tort Claims Act. We provide citizens an opportunity to be heard in a professional, ethical, and courteous manner and render legally sound and impartial decisions after thoroughly considering the positions of all parties and the law. We seek to promote the goals and maintain the integrity of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act and the North Carolina State Tort Claims Act and promote their administration. Deputy Commissioners conduct full evidentiary hearings throughout the State, hear administrative motions, conduct administrative appeal hearings, review complex agreements, review settlement agreements, and handle other matters. Typically, litigants do not have contact with the Deputy Commissioner Section until a claim is assigned to an individual Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioners are judicial officers, and the Deputy Commissioner section does not provide legal advice or advocate for any party.

Master List of Cases for Docketing

The Trial Docket, indicating Deputy Commissioner case assignments, is posted on the Industrial Commission website at The link to the Master List of Cases for Docketing by the Deputy Commissioners Section can be accessed by clicking HERE. Links to the cases are at the bottom of the memorandum. Cases are listed by Region/I.C. File Number, Alphabetically by Plaintiff, and Alphabetically by Defendant and by the Deputy Commissioner Assigned.

This posting changes four times each month. There is a Preliminary Posting, Second Posting, Final Posting and Deputy Commissioner Assignments. Please consult this link regularly for the latest docketing information.

Deputy Commissioner's Decisions

The NC Industrial Commission provides public access to databases that allow citizens to access information about Workers' Compensation cases and Tort claims. Deputy Commissioners' Opinion & Awards and Decision & Orders may be viewed by researching this database. There are four full- text searchable parts of the database accessed through Livelink™.

NCIC Livelink™ Databases

The Industrial Commission offers public access to four databases:

  • Full Commission Decisions since December 1994
  • Deputy Commissioner Decisions since March 2000
  • NC Supreme Court & NC Court of Appeals slip opinions since 1994
  • NC Industrial Commission Rules and NC General Statutes related to Workers' Compensation

There are three additional options to search combinations of all four databases simultaneously.

Click here to access the Livelink™ Database

NOTE: To log in to Livelink™, type public in all lowercase letters in both the Username: and Password: text boxes, and then click the Log-in button.

For suggestions on how to generate more productive searches, see Search Tips.

Deputy Commissioners

Below is a list of the Deputy Commissioners and Support Staff along with their contact information. Deputy Commissioners may be contacted by phone through their Administrative Assistants.

NC Industrial Commission General Contact Information can be found HERE

Name Title Email Phone
Christopher C. Loutit Chief Deputy Commissioner
    Sandra Cortes Trial Court Administrator (919) 807-2559
    Patricia A. Hixson Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2675
    Mackenzie Fretz Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2529
Laurie Meilleur Special Deputy Commissioner (919) 807-2636
Philip A. Baddour III Deputy Commissioner
    Kim Campbell Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2653
J. Brad Donovan Deputy Commissioner
    Carol Abbott Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2545
James C. Gillen Deputy Commissioner
    Mari Hall Administrative Assistant (828) 318-0286
George T. Glenn II Deputy Commissioner
    Veda Coley Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2539
Melanie Wade Goodwin Deputy Commissioner
    Mackenzie Fretz Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2529
Myra L. Griffin Deputy Commissioner
    Patricia A. Hixson Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2675
Sumit Gupta Deputy Commissioner
    Cassalyn Sands Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2632
Robert J. Harris Deputy Commissioner
    Kim Campbell Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2653
Phillip A. Holmes Deputy Commissioner
    Debra Bell Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2543
David M. “Mark” Hullender Deputy Commissioner
    Fonda Brittain Administrative Assistant (980) 523-9987
Kim Ledford Deputy Commissioner
    Darryl Wright Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2533
Thomas H. Perlungher Deputy Commissioner
    Carol Abbott Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2545
Adrian A. Phillips Deputy Commissioner
    Kristen Calcaterra Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2530
John C. Schafer Deputy Commissioner
    Mary Roussel Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2586
William H. “Bill” Shipley Deputy Commissioner
    Mari Hall Administrative Assistant (828) 318-0286
Chrystal Redding Stanback Deputy Commissioner
    Veda Coley Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2539
Wanda Blanche Taylor Deputy Commissioner
    Sandra Cortes Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2559

Mailing Address

When sending correspondence to the Deputy Commissioners Section via US Mail, please use the following address:

Deputy Commissioner "Name"
NC Industrial Commission
4338 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4338

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