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Medical Rehabilitation Nurses

Medical Rehabilitation Nurses Section

Our Mission

The employees of the Industrial Commission’s Medical Rehabilitation Nurses Section are committed to providing excellent consultative rehabilitation services to all stakeholders through collaborative facilitation and coordination of high quality, effective medical care and vocational rehabilitation for the injured worker

What We Do

Ongoing rehabilitation case management of injured workers covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act is provided by Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals employed in private industry. The Industrial Commission’s Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Consultants assist with difficult cases temporarily, promoting and supporting ongoing case management within the private industry. The Nurse Consultants also perform specific rehabilitation activities as ordered by hearing officers within the Industrial Commission.

In addition to consultative rehabilitation services, the Nurses Section is responsible for:

  1. Provision of NCIC Mandatory Rehabilitation Professional Training;
  2. Acknowledgment of the Form 25N Notice of Assignment of Rehabilitation Professional;
  3. Maintenance of the NCIC Registry of Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation Professionals.

Important Information

Mandatory Rehabilitation Professionals Training

The N.C. Industrial Commission has adopted mandatory training requirements for Rehabilitation Professionals pursuant to 04 NCAC 10C .0105 (e) (2) and (f) of the N.C. Industrial Commission’s Rules for Utilization of Rehabilitation Professionals in Worker’s Compensation Clams. For class availability and registration, click here. If you have questions, contact Karen Smith at 919-807-2618 or via e-mail

Mandated two-hour refresher courses, pursuant to 04 NCAC 10C .0105 (f) of the N.C. Industrial Commission’s Rules for Utilization of Rehabilitation Professionals in Worker’s Compensation Claims will begin in late 2015.

Rules for Utilization of Rehab Professionals in Workers’ Comp Claims

There are a set of rules that govern the utilization of Rehabilitation Professionals in N.C. Workers’ Compensation Claims. To view these rules, click here.

Rehabilitation Forms

For a list of Forms related to Nursing and Rehabilitation, please click here.

Registry of Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation Professionals

Rehabilitation Professionals providing services for injured workers in North Carolina must be qualified in accordance with 04 NCAC 10C, and must be listed on the Registry of Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation Professionals. Licensure and certification information should be sent to Judy Fisher for addition to the Registry:

FAX 919-508-8350

To view the Registry, click here.

Rehabilitation Contacts

The Nursing & Rehabilitation Section consists of six registered nurses posted throughout North Carolina and two support staff members. The telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the Nursing Section are as follows:

Title Name Email Phone
Section Director Karen B. Smith
BSN, RN, COHN-S (919) 807-2616
Nurse Consultant
Eastern NC
RTP Area
Caron Cross
RN, BSN, COHN-S (919) 807-2616
Nurse Consultant
Western NC
Triad Area
Emily McKinney
RN, BA, CCM (919) 807-2616
Office Assistant Judy A. Fisher (919) 807-2616

NCIC Rehabilitation
Advisory Board

The N.C. Industrial Commission Rehabilitation Advisory Board functions as a resource for the Industrial Commission, the rehabilitation community, the medical community, the legal community, and any other parties working for the benefit of injured workers in North Carolina. For a list of the board’s members, click here.

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