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Electronic Document Filing Portal

Electronic Document Filing Portal

EDFP is the North Carolina Industrial Commission's Electronic Document Filing Portal.

Notice Regarding Electronic Document Filing Requirements

The Commission accepts the filing of all documents consistent with Rule 11 NCAC 23A .0108 (for workers' compensation claims) and Rule 11 NCAC 23B .0104 (for State tort claims) in effect as of March 1, 2021.

Pay Invoice Online

Invoices received from the Industrial Commission may be paid online via Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA) or e-Check.

Upload Documents

Pursuant to Rule 11 NCAC 23A .0108 and Rule 11 NCAC 23B .0104, the Electronic Document Filing Portal (EDFP) is the exclusive means by which those required by the Rule shall submit specific Industrial Commission documents, forms and associated attachments which are capable of being accepted electronically.

Some of these documents (such as Compromise Settlement Agreements) require a prepaid filing fee, so this portal also accepts payment for those documents via Certification of Payment, Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA) or e-Check.

Registration is required for access to EDFP on the NCIC Online Services Center. Go to the top righthand corner of the Online Services Center to create an account.

Assistance with EDFP can be obtained by visiting the help documents at the bottom of the NCIC Online Services Center, calling 919-807-2695, or e-mailing


How to Request an Electronic Filing Waiver

For entities subject to the electronic filing requirement (self-insured employers, attorneys, carriers, third-party administrators) a request for an emergency technical waiver of the electronic filing requirement due to lack of electronic mail or internet access may be submitted via facsimile, U.S. Mail, or hand delivery along with the documents to be filed.