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The Industrial Commission

Who We Are

The Commission consists of six Commissioners appointed by the Governor for terms of six years. One member of the Commission is designated by the Governor as the Chairperson of the Commission. The Commission sets policy for the administration of the cases under its purview and for the operations of the Commission staff.

In addition to their policy-setting role, the Commissioners of the NCIC sit in panels of three to represent the Full Commission as the quasi-judicial appellate level of the NCIC. These Full Commission panels, like the Deputy Commissioners, resolve claims coming before them through Orders, Opinions, and Decisions. Hearings before a Full Commission panel are generally held in the State capital.

What We Do

The North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) is vested as a Court of exclusive and original jurisdiction by the General Assembly to adjudicate and administer the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, and is charged with adjudicating and administering approximately 65,000 workers’ compensation claims filed annually under the Act. The responsibilities of the NCIC include overseeing and providing for the trial of contested cases, as well as administering non-contested cases. Workers who are injured by accident on the job, or who contract an occupational disease, receive statutory disability and medical benefits as ordered by the NCIC. As the number of claims by injured workers increases every year, and the NCIC adjudicates and administers the growing number of these claims and subsequently orders disability and medical benefits, the NCIC significantly impacts the citizenry of North Carolina.

The NCIC is also a Court of original jurisdiction for adjudicating over 500 tort claims against State agencies annually under the North Carolina Torts Claims Act. Additionally, the General Assembly has mandated the NCIC to provide an adjudicatory process for Childhood Vaccine Related Injury claims and Compensation to Persons Erroneously Convicted of Felonies, and is comprised as a Court of exclusive and final jurisdiction for death claims made by the families of law enforcement officers, fire fighters, rescue squad workers, and civil air patrol members arising under the Death Benefits Act. Administration of each of these adjudicatory systems requires administration of contested and uncontested claims, review of agreements, and supervision of payment of benefits.

Full Commission Contact List

Listed below is the contact information for the Commissioners and Staff.

NC Industrial Commission General Contact Information can be found HERE
Name Title Email Phone
Andrew T. Heath Chairman
Thomas Perlungher Agency Legal Specialist (919) 807-2510
Anna Yount Executive Assistant (919) 807-2647
Charlton L. Allen Commissioner
Tyler Younts Agency Legal Specialist (919) 807-2651
Anna Yount Legal Assistant (919) 807-2647
Bernadine Ballance Commissioner
Nikki Williams Agency Legal Specialist (919) 807-2514
Janet Britt Legal Assistant (919) 807-2515
Linda Cheatham Commissioner
Megan Jost Agency Legal Specialist (919) 807-2524
Janet Britt Legal Assistant (919) 807-2515
Danny McDonald Commissioner
Thomas Perlungher Agency Legal Specialist (919) 807-2510
Anna Yount Legal Assistant (919) 807-2647
Tammy Nance Commissioner
Anna Yount Legal Assistant (919) 807-2647
Walter L. Gray Administrator
Legislative Liaison (919) 807-2688
Ryan S. Boyce Deputy Counsel
Legislative Liaison (919) 807-2582
Meredith R. Henderson Rulemaking Coordinator (919) 807-2575


New Time for Full Commission Arguments

Effective June 1st, ALL Full Commission Oral Arguments will begin at 9:00 AM instead of 9:30 AM. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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