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Public Databases

The N.C. Industrial Commission provides public access to half a dozen full-text searchable databases via Livelink™. They allow citizens to access Full Commission, Deputy Commissioner, and state appellate court decisions about workers' compensation and tort cases.

The Industrial Commission also offers an NCIC Mediator Database. The NCIC Mediator Database lists both Mediators on the N.C. Industrial Commission’s Appointed List and Mediators who are not on that list but may be chosen by the parties as their Mediator.

NCIC Livelink™ Databases

The Industrial Commission offers public access to the following four full-text searchable databases:

  • Deputy Commissioner: Decisions since March 2000.
  • Full Commission: Decisions since December 1994.
  • N.C. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals: Slip opinions since 1994.
  • Statutes: N.C. Industrial Commission Rules and N.C. General Statutes related to Industrial Commission matters.

There are two other search options -- Enterprise and Enterprise [All Versions] -- that allow the public to search two or more of these four databases simultaneously.

For a three-page PDF guide to Searching the N.C. Industrial Commission Databases, click here.

Click here to access the Livelink™ Database

NOTE: To log in to Livelink™, type public in all lowercase letters in both the Username: and Password: text boxes, and then click the Log-in button.

For suggestions on how to generate more productive searches, see Search Tips.

NCIC Mediator Database

The NCIC Mediator Database includes both Mediators on the N.C. Industrial Commission’s Appointed List and Mediators who are not on that list but may be chosen by the parties as their Mediator.

Click Here to access the NCIC Mediator Database

For more information on the Commission’s Mediation Section, Click Here.

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or email us at:

Insurance Coverage Search System

Pursuant to Section 58-36-17 of the North Carolina General Statutes (see Section 1.(b) of Session Law 2012-135, as modified by Section 65.5 of Session Law 2012-194; modified by Section 1. of Session Law 2013-20), please find data here for workers' compensation insurance policy information that includes the employer name and address, carrier name and address; policy number; policy effective dates; policy cancellation dates; and policy reinstatement dates.


Information regarding the workers’ compensation carrier for your employer may be obtained from the Industrial Commission in one of the following three manners:

  1. Searching the Insurance Coverage Search System;
  2. You have filed a Form 18 asserting a claim against the employer.
  3. The employer or carrier has filed a Form 19 reporting your injury.

The Industrial Commission sends out an acknowledgement letter when a Form 18 is processed that contains information about the insurance carrier. However, if you have not yet received an acknowledgement letter and you need this information, you may contact the Industrial Commission. It is not required that you provide insurance carrier information when completing a Form 18 if you do not have that information.


To download the current coverage information on which this search system is based, click here.

DISCLAIMER: Coverage information shown on this database is not proof of, evidence or verification of workers' compensation insurance. The coverage information shown on this website may not reflect changes (cancellations or reinstatements) that have not yet been reported to the Industrial Commission or the North Carolina Rate Bureau or that have been reported within the last thirty (30) days. Information obtained from this website should be verified with the employer and/or the insurer. An insurer, employer, injured worker, licensed health care provider or attorney involved in a pending workers' compensation claim who is unable to locate coverage information using this database may contact the Industrial Commission directly to obtain more information.