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Requests by parties for formal hearings in workers’ compensation cases are filed with the Docket Section. The section ensures that all parties are aware of the filing and have the opportunity to respond. After the requests for hearing have been processed, generally the cases are referred to the Mediation Section. Requests for hearing under the workers’ compensation expedited medical motion procedure are referred directly to the Deputy Commissioners’ Section. The Docket Section processes replies to requests for hearing and updates attorney information for cases that are on the docket. It maintains the Commission’s database by adding new attorneys and updating the mainframe with current attorney contact information.

Appeals from Orders of the Executive Secretary’s Office to the Deputy Commissioner level and appeals from decisions of Deputy Commissioners to the Full Commission are filed with the Docket Section. All parties are notified of the appeal. For appeals to the Full Commission, the Docket Section orders an official transcript for the case and provides copies to the parties. The Docket Section prepares the case for review and places it on a calendar for hearing by a panel of three Commissioners.

Tort Claims against State departments and agencies and their employees are filed through the Docket Section. Upon receipt of a Tort Claim Affidavit, the section assigns a number to the claim and provides a copy to all parties. The Docket Section receives and distributes all mail for the tort claim until the case is referred to the Deputy Commissioners’ Section by Order of a Commissioner. The Docket Section also oversees the File Room.

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List of Docket Section Responsibilities

The following list provides a summary of the duties and responsibilities of the Docket Section:

Workers’ Compensation Cases

  • Process forms 33
  • Process forms 33r
  • Update attorney database
  • Process attorney representation letters for cases on docket
  • Process requests for copies of files for cases on docket
  • Process administrative appeals from orders of the executive secretary
  • Process expedited medical motions
  • Provide deputy commissioner calendars to court report service and assist with scheduling
  • Serve as custodian of recordings of hearings, including processing requests for copies
  • Process appeals to full commission
  • File full commission orders for appeals of medical motion orders
  • Prepare cases on appeal for transcription and order transcripts of deputy commissioner hearings
  • Invoice transcript costs and mail copies of transcripts to the parties
  • Prepare working files for appealed cases for full commission review
  • Prepare and distribute full commission hearing calendars
  • Update coding for full commission decisions
  • Invoice full commission costs

Tort Claims

  • Assign numbers for tort claims that are sufficient for filing and return claims that are not sufficient for filing.
  • Acknowledge filing of tort claims and provide copies to Claimants, agencies being sued, and the Attorney General’s office
  • Receive and distribute tort claim mail and manage the file until the case is assigned to the Deputy Commissioner section by order of a Commissioner.

Law Enforcement Claims

  • Assign numbers for Law Enforcement claims
  • Acknowledge claim and prepare a file for the Deputy Commissioner
  • Mail a copy of the final order to the Claimant and to the State Treasurer’s Office

Vaccine-Related Claims

  • Assign numbers for vaccine cases upon request of the Executive Secretary

Erroneous Conviction Claims

  • Assign numbers for Erroneous Conviction claims upon request of the Chair of the Industrial Commission

Oversee Mail and File Room Operations

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