` Deputy Commissioners’ Calendars for January-December 2017


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Deputy Commissioners’ Calendars for January-December 2017

Last updated 22 November 2017.


Chief Deputy Commissioner: William W. "Bill" Peaslee. Deputy Commissioners: Philip A. Baddour III | Theodore S. "Ted" Danchi | J. Brad Donovan | Lori A. Gaines | James C. Gillen | Melanie Wade Goodwin | Myra L. Griffin | Melissa H. Grimes | Sumit Gupta | Robert J. Harris | Kevin V. Howell | David Mark Hullender | Thomas H. Perlungher | Adrian A. Phillips | Dane R. Scalise | William H. "Bill" Shipley | Michael Silver | Leigha B. Sink | Jesse M. "Jay" Tillman | Tyler Younts.

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January-December 2017 Calendars

For the months of January-December 2017, the Deputy Commissioner assignments are:

Chief Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioners

NOTE: Dates and locations of trips may change if courtroom space at that location is unavailable during that particular week. After dates and locations are finalized, the deputy commissioners will mail their trial calendars to all those whose cases are set for trial.