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Section 9: Special Services

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  • CPT Code 99075 "Medical Testimony" is a fee set by the NCIC hearing officer. Pay per the hearing officer’s "Opinion and Award."
  • The Commission has ruled unofficially that travel to secure job replacement is a part of Rehabilitation services and covered under N.C. Gen. Stat. §97-25 when properly documented. Effective January 1, 2009, travel expense decreased to 55 cents a mile.
  • Job-site visits, reviewing video tapes, and viewing X-rays are covered under Rehabilitation services but need prior approval from the Insurance Carrier. These bills are not submitted to the Commission, but are paid by the Carrier.
  • Reimbursement for supplies and equipment must not exceed twenty (20) percent above the provider’s cost. An invoice may be required by the carrier before reimbursement is made.
  • There are some items that have no CPT codes, such as any type of supply or minor anesthesia. These must be entered as 99070.

Commission Assigned Codes

See Fee Section 2 for Complete list

NCIC Code Procedure Description NCIC Allowance
MC001 Non-Paid services no allowance
MC002 Miscellaneous approved services  
MC003 No show appointment no allowance
MC004 Follow-up days included in global fee no charge allowed
MC005 Unauthorized provider  
FS100 Flow meter $100.00 per day
FS200 Flap monitoring $100.00 per day
CS100 Cold study $100.00

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