Proposed Revisions to Tort Rules
of the North Carolina Industrial Commission


Note: The following constitute the proposed changes in these Tort Rules. Added language appears in bold italic script, and proposed deletions are indicated by strikeout. The changes will not go into effect until further notice by the Industrial Commission. Click here to see the final text of the new tort rules.

Article I. Administration


T101. Location of Offices and Hours of Business.

T102. Transaction of Business by the Commission.

T103. Official Forms.

T104. Filing by Telefacsimile Transmission (proposed new rule).

Article II. Claims Procedures


T201. Rules of Civil Procedure.

T202. Filing Fees.

T203. Enlargement of Time.

T204. Infants and Incompetents.

T205. Motions.

T206. Filing Fees.

T207. Hearing Costs.

Article III. Appeals to Full Commission


T301. Notice of Appeal to the Full Commission.

T302. Transcripts.

T303. Assignments of Error.

T304. Dismissal of Appeal.

T305. Briefs.

T306. Motion for New Hearing.

T307. Motions Before Full Commission.

T308. Stays.

T309. New Evidence.

T310. Waiver of Oral Argument.

Article IV. Appeals to the Court of Appeals


T401. Rules of Appellate Procedure.

T402. Appeal Bond.

T403. Motions.

T404. Settling Record on Appeal.

Article V. Rules


T501. Waiver of Rules.

T502. Rulemaking.

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