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Buck Lattimore, Chairman

Bernadine S. Ballance, Commissioner
Thomas J. Bolch, Commissioner
Laura K. Mavretic, Commissioner
Christopher Scott, Commissioner
Dianne C. Sellers, Commissioner
Pamela T. Young, Commissioner

North Carolina
Industrial Commission




TO:         All Interested Parties

FROM:   Chairman Buck Lattimore

DATE:    June 16, 2003 [See also April 7, 2003 Memo]

RE:         Liquidation of Home Insurance Company of New Hampshire

            We have received information that a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of New Hampshire has ordered the liquidation of Home Insurance Company. The New Hampshire Department of Insurance just posted a copy of the formal Liquidation Order. (See the New Hampshire Department of Insurance website for other documents related to this liquidation.) It also appears that Home Insurance will pay claimants with approved claims eight weeks of weekly disability benefits.

            Pending actual receipt of the New Hampshire Order and activation of the North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association, the NCIGA will begin processing and paying "covered claims" as required by North Carolina law. In anticipation of activation of the NCIGA, they have started the process of securing claim files and related documents.

             Pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 58-48-85, proceedings in Home Insurance cases are stayed in the Deputy Commissioner Section of the Industrial Commission for 120 days. Any party to any proceeding that is stayed may, upon application and notice, seek a vacation or modification of such stay in an individual case. Motions for relief from stay for all cases at the Deputy Commissioner level of the Industrial Commission should be addressed to Chief Deputy Commissioner Gheen and served upon the NCIGA. Motions to vacate a stay for cases at the Full Commission level of the Industrial Commission should be directed to Mr. Phillip Hopkins, Docket Director.

The contact for the NCIGA is:

William C. Delbridge
North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association
Post Office Box 176010
Raleigh, NC 27619-0610
Phone: (919) 783-9813
Fax: (919) 783-5262

            Questions or concerns regarding Home Insurance claims should be directed to: Stephen T. Gheen, Chief Deputy Commissioner, (919) 807-2540 or gheen@ind.commerce.state.nc.us. Due to the volume of inquiries, email communication is requested if possible, though not required.

            The Industrial Commission website (www.comp.state.nc.us) will be updated as more information about the liquidation process becomes available.

Read April 7, 2003 Memo by Chairman Buck Lattimore.

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