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Uploading Documents & Forms

Pay Via Certification of Payment Instructions

To pay via a Certification of Payment, you must upload a completed Certification of Payment (available from the NCIC website ../forms.html) as an attachment to the uploaded document. You cannot simply include it in the PDF of the filling-fee document. It must be an attachment or the system will not recognize that the filing fee has been paid.

The check must be mailed on the date specified on the Certification of Payment to:

North Carolina Industrial Commission
4340 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4340

After attaching a Certification of Payment, proceed as normal with the upload. (Click here for upload instructions.)

Once you have progressed to the DOCUMENT SUMMARY page, a Submit button displays instead of payment options since you have attached a Certification of Payment. (Click here for submit instructions.)

Upon successful submission, a receipt displays with a note at the bottom about the Certification of Payment.