Bills Ratified by the 2008 N.C. General Assembly That Affect
N.C. Workers’ Compensation and Tort Claims Laws

During the 2008 Session, the N.C. General Assembly ratified, and Governor Michael F. Easley signed into law, the following bills affecting N.C. Gen. Stat. Chapter 97 and other statutes governing workers’ compensation claims and tort claims against the state.

This list was last updated on 18 August 2008.

House Bills

House Bill 1563—S.L. 2008-163 (An Act to Provide Line-of-Duty Death Benefits to Fire and Rescue Instructors Who Are Otherwise Eligible for These Benefits But Who Are Not Currently Covered While Conducting Fire and Rescue Training Outside Their Own Departments)—Ratified July 17th. Signed by Governor Michael F. Easley on August 3rd.

House Bill 2105—Session Law 2008-173 (An Act to Increase the Compensation Provided to Persons Erroneously Convicted of Felonies Who Have Received Pardons Of Innocence; to Require the Industrial Commission to Annually Adjust the Compensation to Reflect Increases in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers; and to Allow the Industrial Commission to Award Additional Compensation of Job Skills Training and Expenses for Tuition and Fees at a North Carolina Community College or Constituent Institution)—Ratified July 18th. Signed by Governor Michael F. Easley on August 4th.

Senate Bills


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