Postassessment Insurance Guaranty Association.


58-48-85. Stay of proceedings; reopening of default judgments.

All proceedings in which the insolvent insurer is a party or is obligated to defend a party in any court or before any administrative agency or the North Carolina Industrial Commission shall be stayed automatically for 120 days and such additional time thereafter as may be determined by the court from the date the insolvency is determined or any ancillary proceedings are initiated in this State, whichever is later, to permit proper defense by the Association of all pending causes of action. Any party to any proceeding which is stayed pursuant to this section shall have the right, upon application and notice, to seek a vacation or modification of such stay. Any covered claims arising from any judgment under any decision, verdict or finding based on the default of the insolvent insurer or its failure to defend an insured, shall, upon application and notice by the Association be vacated and set aside by the same court in which such judgment, order, decision, verdict, or finding is entered and the Association either on its own behalf or on behalf of any insured or an insolvent insurer, shall be permitted to defend against such claim on the merits. Any party who has obtained any such judgment or order shall have the right, upon application and notice, to have the judgment or order restored if within 90 days following the entry of the judgment or order the Association has not notified such party and the court that it intends to defend the matter on the merits. (2003.)

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