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Salary Continuation Plan for Certain State Law- Enforcement Officers


143-166.14. Payment of salary notwithstanding incapacity; Workers' Compensation Act applicable after two years; duration of payment.

The salary of any of the above listed persons shall be paid as long as his employment in that position continues, notwithstanding his total or partial incapacity to perform any duties to which he may be lawfully assigned, if that incapacity is the result of an injury by accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of the performance by him of his official duties, except if that incapacity continues for more than two years from its inception, the person shall, during the further continuance of that incapacity, be subject to the provisions of Chapter 97 of the General Statutes pertaining to workers' compensation. Salary paid to a person pursuant to this Article shall cease upon the resumption of his regularly assigned duties, retirement, resignation, or death, whichever first occurs, except that temporary return to duty shall not prohibit payment of salary for a subsequent period of incapacity which can be shown to be directly related to the original injury. (1979, 2nd Sess., c. 1272, s. 1.)

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