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For Release: IMMEDIATE
Date: June 8, 1999
Contact: Melinda Pierson
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Raleigh—Gov. Hunt recently reappointed Thomas J. Bolch of Raleigh to serve on the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission is charged with carrying out the provisions of the Worker's Compensation Act and also administers the Death Benefits Act, the Tort Claim Act, and the Childhood Vaccine-related Injury Compensation Program. The Commission has 7 members, all appointed by the Governor, who serve 6 year terms.

Prior to Bolch's appointment to the Commission in 1994, he served as the general counsel for the Rural Electric Cooperatives. Bolch has also served as a department attorney for the North Carolina Department of Revenue and as a special assistant attorney for the Department of Water and Air Resources. Bolch received both his bachelors and his law degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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