Bills Ratified by the 2011 N.C. General Assembly That Affect
N.C. Workers’ Compensation and Tort Claims Laws

During the 2011 Session, the N.C. General Assembly ratified the following bills affecting N.C. Gen. Stat. Chapter 97 and other statutes governing workers’ compensation claims and tort claims against the state.

This list was last updated on 24 October 2011.

House Bills

House Bill 200—Session Law 2011-145 (An Act to to Spur the Creation of Private Sector Jobs; Reorganize and Reform State Government; Make Base Budget Appropriations for Current Operations of State Departments and Institutions; and to Enact Budget-Related Amendments)—Ratified June 4, 2011. Vetoed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 12, 2011. Veto Overriden on June 15, 2011.

House Bill 262—Session Law 2011-183 (An Act to to Make References in the North Carolina General Statutes to Federal and State Military Organizations Proper and Uniform, as Directed by Session Law 2009-281, as Amended by Session Law 2010-152, and to Make Conforming Changes and Other Technical Corrections to Those Sections, as Recommended by the General Statutes Commission)—Ratified June 14, 2011. Signed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 20, 2011.

House Bill 298—Session Law 2011-196 (An Act to to Make Changes in the Insurance Laws to Privatize Online and Administrative Processes for License Applicants, Codify the Existing Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program, Ensure Accuracy in Certificates of Insurance, Require Prior Approval of Small Group Health Insurance Rates and Encourage the Sale of Child-Only Health Insurance Policies, Amend the Risk-Based Capital Law to Maintain NAIC Accreditation, Provide an Exemption for Licensing of Claims Input Employees for Portable Electronic Devices, Prohibit Federal Preemption of Crop Adjusters' Regulation, and Ease the Regulatory Burden on the North Carolina Self-Insurance Security Association and the Association Aggregate Security System)—Ratified June 14, 2011. Signed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 23, 2011.

House Bill 386—Session Law 2011-217 (An Act to Modernize the North Carolina Real Estate License Law)—Ratified June 15, 2011. Signed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 23, 2011.

House Bill 709—Session Law 2011-287 (An Act Protecting and Putting North Carolina Back to Work by Reforming the Workers' Compensation Act)—Ratified June 13, 2011. Signed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 24, 2011.

Senate Bills

Senate Bill 532—Session Law 2011-401 (An Act to Reform the Employment Security Laws of North Carolina by Creating the Division of Employment Security Within the Department of Commerce, Transferring the Functions of the Employment Security Commission to That Division, Making the Division Subject to Rule Making Under Article 2A of Chapter 150B of the General Statutes, and by Making Other Modifications and Conforming Changes to Align the Employment Security Functions of State Government Under the Direct Leadership of the Secretary of Commerce)—Ratified June 17, 2011. Vetoed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 30, 2011. Veto Overriden on July 26, 2011

Senate Bill 684—Session Law 2011-307 (An Act to Clarify and Amend the Law Providing for a Five-Year Period of Post-Release Supervision for Sex Offenders by Increasing the Maximum Sentence for Sex Offenders and Providing for Their Release on Post-Release Supervision with Five Years Remaining on their Sentences and to Provide That Willful Refusal to Accept or Comply with the Terms of Post-Release Supervision Is Punishable as Contempt of Court, and to Amend the Forensic Sciences Act)—Ratified June 17, 2011. Signed by Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue on June 27, 2011.

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