Bills Ratified by the 2005 N.C. General Assembly That Affect
N.C. Workers’ Compensation and Tort Claims Laws

During the 2005 Session, the N.C. General Assembly ratified and Governor Michael F. Easley signed into law the following bills affecting N.C. Gen. Stat. Chapter 97 and other statutes governing workers’ compensation claims and tort claims against the state. This list was updated November 28, 2005.

House Bills

House Bill 99—Session Law 2005-448 (An Act to Amend the Workers’ Compensation Act and to Create the Study Committee on Workers’ Compensation Benefits)—Ratified August 24. Signed by Governor Michael F. Easley on September 29.

House Bill 105—Session Law 2005-435 (An Act to Modify the Taxation of Motor Fuels, to Make Technical, Clarifying, and Administrative Changes to the Revenue Laws and Related Statutes, and to Allow Interstate Passenger Air Carriers a Refund of Sales and Use Taxes on Fuel)—Ratified August 24. Signed by Governor Easley on September 27.

House Bill 320—Session Law 2005-345 (An Act to Make Technical, Clarifying, and Other Modifications to the Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2005)—Ratified August 30. Signed by Governor Easley on August 31.

House Bill 1086—Session Law 2005-359 (An Act Revising the Jurisdiction of the General Assembly Police and the Oath of Office to Reflect that Change, and to Make a Technical Amendment)—Ratified August 23. Signed by Governor Easley on September 7.

Senate Bills

Senate Bill 148—Session Law 2005-376 (An Act to Extend the Law Enforcement Officers’, Firemen’s, Rescue Squad Workers’, and Civil Air Patrol Members’ Death Benefit to Permanent Part-Time and Temporary Law Enforcement Officers and Detention Officers)—Ratified August 24. Signed by Governor Easley on September 8.

Senate Bill 319—Session Law 2005-400 (An Act Establishing the North Carolina Self-Insurance Security System and Clarifying the Procedures by Which Subsidiary and Affiliate Companies May Be Licensed as Self-Insurers for Workers Compensation and to Make Other Conforming and Technical Changes to the Workers Compensation Laws Respecting Individual Self-Insurers in Article 5 of Chapter 97 of the General Statutes)—Ratified August 24. Signed by Governor Easley on September 14.

Senate Bill 327—Session Law 2005-396 (An Act to Make Changes to the Statutes Regarding the North Carolina State Bar and to Provide the State Bar with Explicit Statutory Authority to Impose Fees To Support Its Work)—Ratified August 23. Signed by Governor Easley on September 14.

Senate Bill 622—Session Law 2005-276 (An Act to Make Base Budget Appropriations for Current Operations of State Departments, Institutions, and Agencies, and for Other Purposes)—Ratified August 11. Signed by Governor Easley on August 13.

Senate Bill 685—Session Law 2005-124 (An Act to Revise the Professional Employer Organization Act by Providing for the Cancellation of Surety Bonds Under Certain Circumstances, Establishing the Requirements for De Minimis Registration, Providing That Applicants for Licensure Are Not Required to Provide Evidence to the Commissioner That the Workers’ Compensation Premium Paid by the Applicant Is Commensurate with Exposure and Anticipated Claim Experience for All Employees Covered Under Policies in the Name of the Licensee, Revising the Law Governing Evidence of Financial Responsibility for Organizations Applying for Licensure on or Before July 1, 2005, Providing for Conditional Authority for a Professional Employer Organization to Operate Pending Consideration of its License Application Upon a Showing of Financial Stability and Need, and Authorizing the Use of Funds from the Insurance Regulatory Fund for Regulation of Professional Employer Organizations)—Ratified June 23. Signed by Governor Easley on June 29.

Senate Bill 1118—Session Law 2005-243 (An Act to Permit Certain Claims Under the Tort Claims Act When the State Refused to Defend a Civil Action Brought Against a State Law Enforcement Officer on the Grounds That the Officer Did Not Act Within the Scope and Course of Employment, and a Court Subsequently Determined That the Officer Did Act Within the Scope and Course of Employment)—Ratified July 18. Signed by Governor Easley on July 29.

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