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TO:         Workers Compensation Trial Bar

FROM:   Stephen T. Gheen, Chief Deputy Commissioner

DATE:    November 15, 2001

RE:         January 2002 Cases For Docketing

            We are posting on the Commission Web Page (http://www.comp.state.nc.us/), for the first time on an experimental basis, the master list of cases identified for scheduling during January, 2002.  Posting of the master list affords trial counsel and unrepresented parties an advance opportunity to see cases of interest that may be scheduled for hearing during January, 2002.

            The cases identified for hearing are arranged by Region (Column 1).  The Regions are:  Region 1 – East; Region 2 – Middle; and Region 3 – West.  The cases listed are then subgrouped by County (Column 2), and then by IC File Number (Column 3).  You may search for a case by IC File Number by pressing the control and “F” keys on your computer.  This will activate a “find” program.  Simply type the IC File Number in the box and it will search for that number.  You may also search by any other criteria in any column even though a visual search would appear to be more efficient except when looking for a particular IC File Number.

            The master list of Cases For Docketing provides counsel and parties approximately two to three weeks advance notice of cases being docketed compared to the anticipated date of receiving a published calendar.  The list is not final as additions and deletions can be made to the master list at any time prior to a particular hearing docket being published.  In addition, the list does not include a number of non-prisoner State Tort Claims that are being specially set.

            If counsel or an unrepresented party believes that a case listed should not be set for hearing in January, 2002 for any reason other than the case should remain at the mediation stage, communication should be directed to the undersigned immediately with proof that a copy of any communication has been directed to any opposing party.  If a case needs to be removed because it should remain at the mediation stage, the communication should be directed to John Schafer, Mediation Coordinator.  Parties who anticipate a mediation of their case after January, 2002 are particularly encouraged to notify the Commission that their case remains in mediation.   Parties that are represented by counsel should have their counsel communicate with the Commission.  The opportunity to comment on the status of particular cases should be made by no later than Tuesday, November 20, 2002.  Communication should be by facsimile transmission or email to the undersigned at the number and address listed above.

            Your input is also solicited as to whether or not regular posting of the master list on a monthly basis would be a useful tool to counsel and unrepresented parties.  Please direct your comments to the email address listed on this stationary.  The extent of interest in and comments as to the usefulness of this posting will be strongly considered in whether or not the monthly service will become routine.

                Thank you.

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