Michael F. Easley, Governor
Buck Lattimore, Chairman

Bernadine S. Ballance, Commissioner
Thomas J. Bolch, Commissioner
Laura K. Mavretic, Commissioner
Renée C. Riggsbee, Commissioner
Christopher Scott, Commissioner
Dianne C. Sellers, Commissioner

North Carolina
Industrial Commission



TO: Participants in the Workers’ Compensation System
FROM: Chairman Buck Lattimore
DATE: August 14, 2001
RE: Health Benefit Plans and Medical Costs Internal Checklist for the Review of Compromise Settlement Agreements per N.C.G.S. §97-17 (Amended 6/15/01)

Please click on the link below for the Industrial Commission’s internal guidelines for reviewing compromise settlement agreements for compliance with newly amended N.C.G.S. §97-17. Also see newly created N.C.G.S. §97-90.1.

I hope this will be helpful information when preparing compromise settlement agreements and forwarding them to the Industrial Commission for approval.


Health Benefit Plans and Medical Costs Internal Checklist (updated February 11, 2005).

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