Michael F. Easley, Governor
Buck Lattimore, Chairman

Bernadine S. Ballance, Commissioner
Thomas J. Bolch, Commissioner
Laura K. Mavretic, Commissioner
Renée C. Riggsbee, Commissioner
Christopher Scott, Commissioner
Dianne C. Sellers, Commissioner

North Carolina
Industrial Commission




TO:         All Interested Parties

FROM:   Chairman Buck Lattimore

DATE:    January 31, 2002

RE:         Liquidation of Reliance Insurance Company

            The Industrial Commission is proceeding with cases involving Reliance Insurance Company. Any automatic stay of proceedings provided by North Carolina law expires February 1, 2002.

            The North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association (“NCIGA”) has hired a third party administrator to adjust most Reliance cases. Trial counsel and pro se parties should contact the third party administrator unless the case is on the attached list of cases. For those cases attached, the NCIGA staff will assume direct responsibility for adjusting the claim. The contact information for the third party administrator is:

Cambridge Integrated Systems
5950 Fairview Rd, Southtrust Plaza, Suite 712
Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: 704-571-7660
Fax: 704-552-4825

For those claims being retained by the NCIGA, the contact information is:

William C. Delbridge
North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association
Post Office Box 176010
Raleigh, NC 27619-0610
Phone: 919-783-9813
Fax: 919-783-5262

            It is our understanding that in all existing claims in which defense counsel was employed to represent the interests of the employer and Reliance, the defense counsel will be retained and not be replaced without prior notice to all affected parties. Therefore, communication between trial counsels may resume.

            A number of claimants have contacted the Industrial Commission regarding the suspension of Temporary Total Disability (“TTD”) benefits. It is our understanding that all such payments are being resumed and that any past due amounts are being paid in order to bring the account current. Any claimant entitled to TTD benefits that is not currently receiving payment should immediately contact Cambridge or the NCIGA.

            Reliance cases awaiting published opinions or hearing are being returned to the active docket. Cases at the Deputy Commissioner Section level will appear on hearing calendars beginning in April, 2002. Cases before the Full Commission will be docketed as new calendars are published.

            If you have questions concerning the processing of these claims that are currently before the Full Commission contact Phillip Hopkins, Docket Director, hopkinsp@ind.commerce.state.nc.us. For general questions or questions concerning hearings at the Deputy Commissioner Section contact Stephen T. Gheen, Chief Deputy Commissioner, 919-807-2540 or gheen@ind.commerce.state.nc.us.  

            The Industrial Commission website (www.comp.state.nc.us) will be updated as more information about the liquidation process becomes available.

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