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2014 Annual Bulletin

N.C. Industrial Commission Bulletin

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NOVEMBER 1, 2014

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Information About The North Carolina
Workers’ Compensation Act

North Carolina Industrial Commission
Pat McCrory, Governor
Andrew T. Heath, Chairman

Charlton L. Allen, Commissioner
Bernadine S. Ballance, Commissioner
Linda Cheatham, Commissioner
Danny L. McDonald, Commissioner
Tammy R. Nance, Commissioner

Walt Gray, Administrator
Meredith R. Henderson, Executive Secretary
Christopher C. Loutit, Chief Deputy Commissioner

Workers’ Compensation Information Specialists:
(800) 688-8349, (919) 807-2501. Fax: (919) 715-0282

Claims Section: (919) 807-2502 Information Specialists Section: (800) 688-8349,
(919) 807-2501
Commissioners: (919) 807-2500 Mediation Section: (888) 242-5757,
(919) 807-2586
Computer Support: (919) 807-2591 Medical Fees Section: (919) 807-2503
Deputy Commissioners: (919) 807-2500 Medical Rehabilitation Nurses: (919) 807-2616
Docket Section: (919) 807-2504 Occupational Disease Section: (919) 807-2502
Executive Secretary: (919) 807-2576 Safety Section: (919) 807-2603
Fraud Investigations: (888) 891-4895,
(919) 807-2570
Statistics Section: (919) 807-2506


General questions and disputes in cases Information Specialists: (919) 807-2501, (800) 688-8349
Filing, Case Status, and Hearings Docket Section: (919) 807-2504
Settlement Agreements, Change of Physicians, Attorneys’ Fees Executive Secretary: (919) 807-2576
Medical Bill Approvals Medical Fees Section: (919) 807-2503
Medical Fee Schedule, (919) 807-2503
Rehabilitation Assistance Medical Rehabilitation Nurses: (919) 807-2616
Workplace Safety Programs Safety Section: (919) 807-2603
Hearings in Contested Cases Docket Section: (919) 807-2504
Pending Occupational Disease Claims Occupational Disease Section: (919) 807-2502
Form Agreements, Disfigurement Claims Claims Section: (919) 807-2502
Statistics, Coverage information, Forms Claims Administration: (919) 807-2506, (800) 688-8349
Personnel and Contracts Administrator’s Office: (919) 807-2647
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Fraud Section: (888) 891-4895, (919) 807-2570
Mediation of Claims Mediation Section: (888) 242-5757, (919) 807-2586

Please Note...

This bulletin is designed to give general information only. It is not a law book. Further information may be obtained by writing a letter to the Office of the Executive Secretary or Workers’ Compensation Information Specialists of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. When writing or calling the Commission about a specific case, always give the name of the injured employee, the Commission’s file number for the claim or the employee’s Social Security Number, and, if available, the name of the employer and date of injury.

You may also consult with an attorney of your choice, which may be at your expense. If you need assistance locating an attorney in your community who is familiar with workers’ compensation law, you may contact the North Carolina Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at or at (800) 662-7660 and (919) 677-8574. The Lawyer Referral Service will provide the name of an attorney willing to discuss your question for a small fee or no fee. Be sure to mention workers’ compensation when requesting a referral.

Bulletins and Forms

Bulletins and forms may be obtained by visiting the Commission’s web site at See to view portions of the Commission’s Medical Fee Schedule online.

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