Mediator List

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KEY TO MEDIATOR STATUS: An "a" indicates that the mediator is on the IC appointed list; a "c" indicates that the mediator is not on the IC appointed list but has asked to be included in the published list of mediators interested in mediating IC cases; a "sel" indicates that the mediator is not on either of these lists but has been selected by the parties to mediate IC cases previously; and a number in the status field indicates that number of hours a mediator is generally willing to travel each way to mediate IC cases without charging any additional fee for travel.
Last First City County Zip Status
1 Milam Martha Durham,  NC Durham 27702 sel   
2 McCrodden Elizabeth  Raleigh,  NC Wake 27604
3 Allen Prentiss Raleigh,  NC Wake 27604
4 Thompson Sydnor Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28202 sel     
5 Roney,    Jr. Ben Wilmington,  NC New  Hanover 28405  
6 Bledsoe,  Jr. Louis Charlotte,NC Mecklenburg 28204
7 Hedrick Jeffrey Boone,  NC Wataugua 28607 a   
8 Wayne Kenneth Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28204 c  1
9 Tracey Patricia Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28203  a2     
10 Blackmon Juanita Reidsville,  NC Rockingham 27323 sel
11 Langson Seth Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28236-6838 sel
12 Leinbach Margaret Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28207 sel
13 Hedrick Patricia Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28211 a  +Onslow  &  surrounding  counties 
14 Hannah Walter Greensboro,  NC Guilford 27402 sel
15 Pearce Betty Greensboro,  NC Guilford 27404-4483 sel
16 Crump Marian Charlotte,  NC 28226 sel
17 Smith John      Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28210 c  1    Meck.,  Union,  Gaston,  Cabarras     
18 Clare Jacqueline Raleigh,  NC Wake 27608 a    2       
19 Byrum,  Jr. Henry  Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28203 c
20 Hutchins Terry McCall,  SC Scotland 29570 c1     
21 Farthing Edwin Hickory,  NC Catawba  28603-9294 sel
22 Herrin,  Sr. Mickey Greenville,  NC 27835-0552 c       
23 Farris Robert Wilson,  NC 27894-2727 sel
24 Browning Robert Greenville,  NC 27835-0859
25 Morton J. Winston  Salem,  NC Forsyth 27104 sel