Mediator List

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KEY TO MEDIATOR STATUS: An "a" indicates that the mediator is on the IC appointed list; a "c" indicates that the mediator is not on the IC appointed list but has asked to be included in the published list of mediators interested in mediating IC cases; a "sel" indicates that the mediator is not on either of these lists but has been selected by the parties to mediate IC cases previously; and a number in the status field indicates that number of hours a mediator is generally willing to travel each way to mediate IC cases without charging any additional fee for travel.
Last First City County Zip Status
1 Ledford Kimberly Raleigh,  NC Wake 27614 c
2 Stewart,  Jr. William Raleigh Wake 27604 A1.5
3 Wellman Jacob Raleigh,  NC Wake 27619 A1
4 Cooper Kathryn Raleigh Wake  27615 A6
5 Wetherington Kathryn Winterville,  NC Pitt 28590 c
6 Brazil W Asheville Buncombe 28801
7 Foster W High  Point Guilford 27262 A2.5
8 Brisson Tracie Supply 28462
9 Granowsky Richard Greensboro Guilford 27402
10 Tackett Nicole Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28209
11 Muller  Tara Raleigh,  NC Wake 27612 A3
12 Stavola Joseph Greensboro 27401
13 Turner  Joseph Greensboro Guilford 27808-5219
14 Wilson Shannon Winston  Salem,  NC Forsyth 27120 A2
15 Cobb Carla Greenville,  NC Pitt 27833 A  1.5
16 Brown Hermanda Elizabeth  City Pasquotank 27906 A2
17 Morrison B. Wilson,  NC Wilson  27894-2046 A1
18 Tomei Tomei Raleigh,NC Wake  27619-9207
19 Wesley Cameron Charlotte 28210
20 Chambliss  Jr. Joseph Durham,  NC 27717-9107
21 Vanderberry  Greer  Raleigh Wake 27811
22 Gorham Henry Raleigh Wake 28594 A  1.25
23 Hensarling Jon Raleigh Wake 27605 A4
24 Doyle Jeffrey Raleigh Wake 27612 A1
25 Mehta Viral Charlotte Mecklenburg 28230 A2