Mediator List

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KEY TO MEDIATOR STATUS: An "a" indicates that the mediator is on the IC appointed list; a "c" indicates that the mediator is not on the IC appointed list but has asked to be included in the published list of mediators interested in mediating IC cases; a "sel" indicates that the mediator is not on either of these lists but has been selected by the parties to mediate IC cases previously; and a number in the status field indicates that number of hours a mediator is generally willing to travel each way to mediate IC cases without charging any additional fee for travel.
Last First City County Zip Status
2 Collins Norman Charlotte,  NC Mecklenburg 28209 C3
3 Moore Thomas Raleigh,  NC Wake 27622-1962
4 Williams Joyce Sanford,    Lee 27331
5 Bell Asa Raleigh 27612
6 Gervasi Jay  Greensboro    NC Guilford 27401
7 Lattimore Buck Raleigh,  NC  Wake  27609
8 Dewey Robert Mooresville,  NC Mecklenburg 28117 A2.5
9 Greeson  Harold Greensboro,  NC Guilford 27445
10 Perkinson Elizabeth Raleigh Wake 27603 sel
11 Citrano Lauren Charlotte,  NC  28271 C
12 Mazzariello Arlangela Gastonia Gaston 28054 Z2
14 Haithcock W. Goldsboro Wayne 27533-007
15 McCoy Paul Raleigh,  NC wake 27612
16 Wetmore Louis Hickory Catawba 28603-2262 A3  West  of  Johnston/Cumberland
17 Martinek Robin Greensboro Guilford 27409 sel
18 Hart Scott New  Bern 28563 Sel
19 Hefferon Paul Charlotte,  NC  Mecklenburg 28204
20 Allen Millicent Winston-Salen,    NC  Forsyth 27101 A2.5
21 Simpson Robert Franklin Macon 28734
23 Vetter Connie Charlotte,    NC  Mecklenburg 28299 sel
24 Parrott Hillary Raleigh,    NC  Wake 27603 sel
25 Calvert Jill Charlotte, Mecklenburg 28206 A2