NCIC Mediator Details

Name Jeanne  Plowden  Hall
City Brevard
Phone 828,884-6575
County Transylvania
Fax 828,884-6636
Summary  of  Workers  Comp  Experience I  am  attorney  in    NC  and  SC.    I  was  one  of  the  first  certified  mediators  in  SC  and  I  am  now  certified  in  NC.    I  moved  to  NC  recently  and  I  took  the  6  hour  workers'  compensation  mediation  program  in  Asheville.    I  have  been  mediating  for  over  10  years  and  was  the  Executive  Director    of  the  SCCCR,  the  dispute  resolution  agency  in  SC.    I  have  been  a  mediation  trainor    since  1996  and  I  personally  have  more  than  300+    hours  of  training  as  well  as  direct  experience.    I  have  trained  in  conflict  mamagement  in  over  50  settings.    I  have  some  nominal  experience  in  workers'  compensation  law  as  well  as  serving  as  a  business/tax/real  estate  attorney.
Rep.  Employees  %
Rep.  Employers  %

KEY TO MEDIATOR STATUS: An "a" indicates that the mediator is on the IC appointed list; a "c" indicates that the mediator is not on the IC appointed list but has asked to be included in the published list of mediators interested in mediating IC cases; a "sel" indicates that the mediator is not on either of these lists but has been selected by the parties to mediate IC cases previously; and a number in the status field indicates that number of hours a mediator is generally willing to travel each way to mediate IC cases without charging any additional fee for travel.
Hours  One  Way 1
Hrly.  Med.  Fee
Admin.  Fee
Canc.  Chg.
Travel  Exp.
Att.  for  party  in  comp  cases