NCIC Mediator Details

Name   C.    Frank  Stanley 
City Tabor  City,  NC
Phone 910-653-4125
County Columbus
Fax 910-653-9387
Summary  of  Workers  Comp  Experience My  involvement  in  Workers'  Compensation  cases  has  been  exclusively  as  plaintiff's  attorney.    I  have  handled  less  than  10  cases  in  the  last  fifteen  years,  although  each  case  was  very  complex  and  difficult.    At  least  two  of  the  cases  involved  the  Department  of  Correction  which  contested  us  at  most  every  point.    I  have  been  through  an  unsuccessful  mediation  with  one  of  the  cases.    At  the  present  time  I  have  two  cases  which  I  am  co-counsel  with  Mr.  Richard  H.  Harper.    I  have  been  in  the  solo  practice  of  law  for  24  of  my  28  years.    As  of  April  1,  2002,    I  am  moving  into  full-time  mediation.    I  completed  my  training  to  mediate  in  family  financial  conferences  on  April  15,  2002.    I  think  this  certification  will  help  me  in  my  workers'  compensation  mediation.    I  look  forward  to  receiving  my  certification  in  workers'  compensation  matters.    I  am  fully  convinced  that  mediation  is  the  most  satisfactory  way  to  solve  disputes.    I  want  to  be  a  part  of  this  process.
Rep.  Employees  % 100%
Rep.  Employers  % 0%
Status sel

KEY TO MEDIATOR STATUS: An "a" indicates that the mediator is on the IC appointed list; a "c" indicates that the mediator is not on the IC appointed list but has asked to be included in the published list of mediators interested in mediating IC cases; a "sel" indicates that the mediator is not on either of these lists but has been selected by the parties to mediate IC cases previously; and a number in the status field indicates that number of hours a mediator is generally willing to travel each way to mediate IC cases without charging any additional fee for travel.
Hours  One  Way 3
Hrly.  Med.  Fee $125.00
Admin.  Fee $125.00
Canc.  Chg. $250.  00  if  canceled  less  than  4  days;  $125.00  IF  canceled  4-7  days  before  conf.
Travel  Exp. none
Att.  for  party  in  comp  cases